Social Sensing

September 15-18, University, Poznań


Due to the wide-spread use of disruptive digital technologies like social media, wearable sensing devices and digital communication tools, we are transitioning from data-scarce to data-rich research environments. A variety of large-scale datasets, sensing technologies, geo-participation initiatives, collaborative mapping tools, and data science approaches have emerged that have the potential to help us in gaining a better understanding of geospatial and spatio-temporal processes. As a result, the field of GIScience is being reshaped and challenged to develop innovative and adequate methods for data analysis, knowledge generation and information visualisation.

This workshop proposal welcomes submissions in the following areas:

  • Human-centred GIScience: data acquisition, analysis, and visualisation
  • New methods for analysing human-generated: social media analytics, social and participatory sensing
  • Mixed-methods approaches combining qualitative and quantitative data
  • Multi-modal analysis (e.g., spatial-temporal-semantic)
  • Machine learning approaches for information extraction from human-generated data
  • Multidisciplinary research (GIScience, computer and data science, sociology, urban science, computational linguistics, human geography, a.o.)
  • ELSI aspects (ethical, legal and sociological implications)

Program Commitee